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At Lively Aquarium we specialize in the Garra Rufa breeding and export worldwide under the guidance and consultation of a qualified Aqua-Culturist who also happens to be a fish enthusiast.

The Garra Rufa fish we breed originates from the thermal basin of Kavak Deresi, in Kangal, Turkey. We have been carrying out R&D for the past 10 years. Although we were supplying the Garra Rufa fish for sale in the local market since 2002, we started exporting internationally since 2005 only.

We love what we do as its our passion, hence our motto which we uphold is - Professional, Credible and Accountable.

“Lively Aquarium” ensures the very best quality Garra Rufa Fishes for sale and only the best are meticulously handpicked for export.

If you are seeking for the best quality genuine Kangal Garra Rufa Fish, after sale service, advice and guidance, you have found it with us “Lively Aquarium” your “Garra Rufa Specialist” who are Professional, Credible and Accountable.